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£10m Distributor pay-out

Join Utility Warehouse businessCarpe Diem…Seize the day
“Every moment is an opportunity for those who are ready to seize it”

Sunday 16th September (Express Day 2006) was the day, a day to seize, a day that changed many people’s perception of the Utility Warehouse business and a day that many will look back on in years to come as a foundational stone in their Utility Warehouse business. WOW…what a day it was.

This year, Telecom plus will pay out a staggering £10m in residual income and what was clear to many at The Telford International Centre is that the Company have yet to even scratch the surface of where this opportunity is going in the years to come. Independent Marketing Director, Stephan Longworth received a well deserved standing ovation and looking around at an audience of several thousand there were many moved to tears by his direct and passionate message of Carpe Diem, seize the day.

All join the Utility Warehouse business with their own personal agenda, hopes and dreams. They join with their own unique circumstances, challenges and skills. Thereafter, the business is a level playing field for all and whilst for some, the Starter Pack stays mainly untouched, never fulfilling it’s potential…for others, mountains are moved and lives changed. The difference is often no more than a personal decision. A decision to seize the day and realisation that if others with lesser skills and circumstances can, then anyone can…Carpe Diem.

These days, we are surrounded by complete proof that the business works and in my humble opinion, the price of success with this opportunity is far less than the price of a slow and relative failure in other walks of life. The response to Express Day has been overwelming to say the least.

The question that I would like to ask you personally is…will you seize the day?

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