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Wes Linden

18 Amazing Years In Utility Warehouse As A Distributor

This is quite long, but the ‘right’ people will read it!

It’s my 18 year anniversary today of joining this business opportunity and becoming part of the network marketing profession. So indulge me for a moment whilst I share the following….

It has allowed me to quit the rat race prior to joining it; live life at my pace; work with who I choose, when I choose. It’s allowed me to pursue ‘work’ as a passion and not a chore, because I know the business has allowed me great things, and gives me a desire to help others do the same.
It’s allowed me to travel where I want, when I want (over 50 holidays/breaks in the last 5 years); have the time and money to see a fitness trainer between 4 and 6 times per week; Referee and have had the time to focus on getting promoted to a high level of English professional football pretty quickly which I enjoy greatly; eat out whenever I want; pay bills without worrying; spend time with friends and family when I want, and help out them and other people and causes close to my heart when the need arises.

It’s allowed me to not know how much my mortgage payments are, or council tax etc because it just gets paid without having to stress about it. It allows me to go some months not even looking at my commission statement or bank balance. I’m not being flash, I’m being honest.

It’s allowed me to meet incredible people, with fascinating stories, who are ordinary people like me, creating (and striving to create) extraordinary results and better lives for themselves and their families. It’s allowed me to build special friendships and create history, bonds and connections with people I’d perhaps never have met otherwise. It allows me the satisfaction of knowing I helped some of those people on their journey. Some of those people aren’t even in ‘my team’, but it’s allowed me to know that this doesn’t matter because if you do good things for other people, you get good things in return somewhere else down the line. It’s allowed me to realise you can’t outgive the universe.

It’s put me on an ongoing personal development path, which schools or the general populous don’t tell you about. Some of that journey means I have also learned not to sweat the small stuff, hence my occasional swift and seemingly abrupt responses to some questions people may ask or scenarios presented, which may seem like a big deal at the time, but are actually only temporary blips on the big horizon if you have a long term vision. ‘Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter’!

I don’t have a mansion, a ridiculously fast car, or a big watch, cos those are just things. But it’s allowed me to build great friendships, have fantastic experiences and have fun, stress-free. Seizing moments to create memories that last a lifetime. I kinda think when you’re taking your last breaths you’ll think more of memories and moments than things and possessions. Utility Warehouse gives you the vehicle to the unlimited creation of memories and moments.

Oh, and it’s made me unemployable and completely detached from what UK PLC has mapped out for us otherwise, thank goodness.
I don’t know what the kwh rate is for electricity in the Midlands; I don’t know which are the international destinations that we can call half price; I don’t know whether a Sky modem will work with Utility Warehouse; I don’t know how many pence per service a Group Leader gets or what % we get paid on Internet services. But I do know if I need to know these things, the manual, the brochures, the website, NHQ or a fellow Partner can help. I also know we have an incredibly committed management team (Charles, Andrew, Wayne, Clifford, Justin, Simon – thank you) and staff at NHQ who are a huge part of all our journey’s.

What I do know is that UK PLC offers people two choices; shrink their goals or grow their income, but rarely offers them a chance to grow their income. UW and network marketing offers people that chance to grow their income so they don’t have to shrink their goals, and I never lose sight of that concept.

And in creating this business and the subsequent good things that have followed, here’s all I have actually done:
Make a list; keep adding to the list; get in front of the people on that list either now or when the time is right; present the business using the tools; then sign some of them up. Then show them how to do the same. And do that over and over again. I have learned that some people don’t join, some say negative things, some don’t turn up to the COP/coffee shop or whatever, some even stop taking your calls, and some join and never start. Sometimes you can help them – sometimes you can’t – you can’t steer a parked car. For some it’s not the right time. I don’t get attached to the outcome or emotional about who says yes or no (however much I like them) because if I repeat that process enough, some people will say yes.

For those that don’t join, if I like them, then I keep in touch with them, become their friend, and as a happy by-product, they sometimes join at a later date. The same counts for those who join and don’t get started, or are slow to progress but have desire. I’ve done and continue to put in the hard graft and the flying hours, because nobody falls on top of the mountain, so the only route to success is to put the effort in. For a long time that hard work and effort will go unseen, unrewarded and unnoticed. For some of that time, it may also seem like it’s not worth it. In earlier days, I felt like giving up but didn’t, as I knew the cost of quitting was too high. And anyway, quit to what?

So wherever you are on your journey, if your why is big enough, the facts won’t matter – the only two ways to actually fail is to either not start, or to start and then stop. The prize (whatever that is for you) is out there for whoever wants it, and there’s no limit to how many people achieve it. Oh, and it doesn’t get good after 18 years, it becomes pretty damn good as soon as you want it to.

And for those of you who are, thanks for sharing part of my journey, and thanks for letting me share yours!

The future’s bright, the future’s purple and white!

To find out how you can do this business opportunity with the Utility Warehouse as a distributor! why not request more information here

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