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Geoff Elis Promoted

Another Group Leader Geoff Ellis

I’m thrilled to share the news that Geoff Ellis has reached Group Leader this morning.

A top journalist in his day, Geoff did not need the financial security that UW offers – a successful career and investments had already allowed him a more than comfortable retirement. However, he did enjoy the chance to build his own business, meet other people and the challenge.

Geoff also liked the chance to empower other people to achieve a better life for themselves. Sometimes though, other people let themselves and their family down, and don’t fulfil their potential, or just don’t have the drive and vision that we all have to take advantage of the opportunity we have before us, much to his bemusement, but it didn’t stop him striving to help the next person.

Geoff has been an absolute trooper. Yes, he probably did try and do it his way for some time, and yes, the mental challenge of proving himself right or wrong, was fun for him, and doubtless frustrating for the lovely Jean, who is now a fan of coming along to the big events, and a lovely and hospitable host. But he stuck in there, always revisiting trainings, always supporting people (even those who didn’t respond), always at events, and humorously mocking himself for the fact that he wasn’t NNL yet! I think part of him enjoyed not getting promoted to GL out of some deviant sense of doing things on his own terms!

His sense of humour is terrific. Spending time with him, he will always come up with a line that has me in stitches. Although not a line for everyone, I particularly enjoyed the response he shared with me, when he asked someone at a WAM “would you like to win a mini or £10000?” and they responded “not today” – and so he asked “well which day would you like to then?!”

On a serious note though, when Geoff’s sponsor David had spent some time out of the business after a very sad family bereavement, Geoff assumed the role of sponsor and supported David with his re-engagement with UW, which was the mark of a really good guy.

Well done Geoff, and Jean for putting up with him and his love of the pig! A thoroughly deserved promotion and I know that David and Tristan are equally thrilled for you too another step closer too financial freedom.

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