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Another Utility Warehouse Success Story

Another Utility Warehouse Success Story

I’m delighted to be asked to share the news that Ben Golding has been promoted to Group Leader another Utility Warehouse Success Story.

One of the challenges you can sometimes face in this business as an efficient and motivated distributor is that those in your upline recognise your tenacity and therefore end up concentrating more time on those who are less sufficient. This is a difficult trap and one I myself have been caught in with team members.
One person who has certainly pushed through irrespective, is Ben Golding. I am pleased to have been invited to share this good news with you, as a friend rather than being part of Ben’s upline team.

Effectively he’s been earmarked as self-sufficient from day one, and has therefore just got on with it.

I have always admired Ben’s cheerful and happy demeanour when approaching his business, and despite the frustrations that we all suffer when we aim to build a big customer base and grow a team, he’s kept on keeping on, when so many others would (and have) sloped away. You see, if you run a marathon and drop out on the 14th mile, nobody notices, and it would be easy to do so when you realise that you’re running and there’s hills and it is hard, and the cheering isn’t as loud as it was at the start! But to really succeed you need to keep on going, and I have seen Ben as someone who, once a message sinks in, is prepared to try and work on the areas that he’s not getting results on and turn his fortunes around.

In particular his embracing of weekly business networking has been extremely impressive to watch, and anyone looking to succeed in this area should ask him how he’s done so and then copy.

Already a well-established 200plus member and holiday winner, Ben adds Group Leader to his list of honours and deservedly so.

Ben will doubtlessly generously credit Sue Freeman (who reached STL) along with his good pal Pete Aves (TL), Paul Jackson (TL), Clare Fulcher (TL), Chris Hibbert (TL), Jim & Nikki Fox (TL) and Paul Sheppard (TL), and to Steve Pankhurst for the early day buddying-up at WAMs & events.

Whilst acknowledging those in the team who have hit their own landmarks, there’s no doubt in my mind that Ben’s resolve over recent time has been instrumental in making this significant promotion a reality.

Well done Ben – I hope you’re feeling proud because you should be!

If you want to find out how you can become the next Utility Warehouse Success Story why not find out more!

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