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Anything else is beef stroganoff

The Company’s last National Conference, Express Day – September 2006 at the Telford International Centre was a pivotal day both for the Company and for the many 1000’s of Distributors who attended…all leaving the day with no doubt as to the direction of Telecom plus. Major service enhancements were announced, Distributor commissions exceeding £10m were revealed, along with analysis predicting sales exceeding £500m within 10 years.

However, if the day could have been distilled in to a mere 20 minutes, then it was Independent Marketing Director – Stephan Longworth who really hit the mark, capturing all that this great business stands for in the hearts of those whose futures hinge on their success as Distributors with Telecom plus. This frank, honest and passionate presentation is essential viewing for all existing, new and would-be Telecom plus/Utility Warehouse Distributors.

And whilst video footage of this phenomenal key-note speech is no longer available, a private viewing of other key-note speeches can be arranged for anyone evaluating the Telecom plus business. Please get in touch for a viewing. You are also invited to read a thought provoking testimonial from Stephan

“Anything else is Beef Stroganoff…one excuse is as good as another.”

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