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Should I become a Utility Warehouse distributor

Should I become a Utility Warehouse distributorFor anyone researching the Utility Warehouse business and network marketing in general, it’s highly likely that there will be questions. Write them down and please feel to call 0800 074 7494, to discuss any aspect of the business. Below are a number commonly asked questions, with answers which you might be thinking and about why should i become a utility warehouse distributor.

One of the most logical ways to embark on further due diligence is to simply join, but with a view to taking the business for a 90-day ‘test-drive’. Three months will in most cases be just about long enough to gain a understanding of how the business works and what the true potential is.

What do I need to get started? 

You simply need to fill out an application form  Thereafter, a mentor will be made available to you and arrangements made for your training.

What do I get in the starter pack?

In the Starter Pack you receive all the business materials and training manuals you need to get your business going. Whilst it can be a little daunting at first with all the information that suddenly comes your way, there is plenty of help at hand. To help further, your Starter Pack is only sent to you when you have completed both online training and a skills based Getting Started course. This means that you will be completely familiar with the contents of your Starter Pack, when it arrives.

Included in your Starter Pack are training manuals and business presentation folders, DVD’s, Sales brochures, multi-service customer application forms and business applications forms (for team building).

For Independent Distributors, this Starter Pack costs £100.00 and comes with the opportunity to earn back your joining fee.

I already know of a Distributor in my area – won’t we overlap?

There are no exclusive territories and there is plenty of room for everyone.

The vast majority of Telecom plus Distributors only work at their business part-time. There are over 530,000 customers at the moment, so that means over 98% of the houses in your street are potential customers as yet untapped by other Distributors. Because there are no designated territories, you are free to build your business and gather customers anywhere in the UK.

Isn’t it pyramid selling?

No. Network Marketing is a legal and regulated form of marketing – it is even taught in universities as one of the most effective forms of marketing. Pyramid selling is illegal and involves signing other people up and being paid a proportion of their sign up fee. With this business you do not get paid a penny when other distributors join. You only get paid for the services used by your personal and group customers.

Telecom Plus Plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is subject to all the financial rigours demanded of a PLC, with everything open to public scrutiny.

Do I have to introduce people to make money?

No – many Utility Warehouse Distributors make a good income purely from introducing customers. In time you can further increase your income by building a team – if you wish.

Are there any minimum requirements?

There are no minimum requirements to earn in income as you will be paid a commission for every single customer you introduce. However, to maintain the monthly residual income on your customers spend, you need to have at least three personally introduced active customers. Once this is achieved you will receive a monthly income for as long as they use the services.

How much can I realistically earn?

Your income will be proportional to the effort you put into your business. £100 – £250 per month is achievable part-time, from month one. Many Distributors go on to earn a significant, life-changing monthly income. In most cases, your income will be directly proportional to your activity and effort.

How many hours per week do I need to work?

Almost everyone who joins as a Utility Warehouse Independent Distributor, starts part-time. Whether you can dedicate an hour a week, an hour a day, or more than this – you have the potential to yield a significant income. The key with the Utility Warehouse, as it is with any network marketing business, is to be consistent and to adopt a long-term view of things.

Can I take a break and not lose my income?

You can take a break for as long or as short as you like, and indeed many people do. If your personal circumstances change, your business is not at risk, although it is advisable to be fully conversant with the detail of the Company’s compensation plan as in some cases, a percentage of income can be lost during periods of inactivity.
Will the market saturate?

Given the Company’s current market share (around 2%), along with the size and growth of the utilities market, market saturation is highly unlikely.

Do I have to sell?

This business can work for you, whether you like selling or not. For those who like the thrill of gathering personal customers, you can build a solid residual income via this avenue alone, whereas ‘non-sales types’ can generate an income by following non-confrontational methods to attract customers and build a team of other Utility Warehouse Distributors.

Do I have to buy stock?

With the Utility Warehouse and the services that they offer, there can be no ‘front-loading’ and there is no requirement to buy or carry any stock whatsoever.

Head Office process customer applications and send any equipment direct to your customer. Head Office also deal with all customer billing, collect the money and pay you your commission, straight into your bank account – every month. You don’t have to do anything else! No credit card processing and no delivery rounds!

Can I advertise the services?

Subject to marketing guidelines, yes you can advertise. A comprehensive range of advertising and marketing materials is provided (downloadable on line or available direct from Head Office) so you do not need to create your own advertising materials. The Company and the Network can offer advice on what works and what doesn’t work and if you really want to create your own advertising materials, there is a route for approval.

If you’re asking the question should I become a Utility Warehouse distributor? only you can decide, but with a 14 Day money back Guarantee there’s nothing to loose.

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