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The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

Utility Warehouse Distributor & top earner - read his storyThe Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus PLC) is the UK’s only fully integrated multi-utility provider, offering savings to both business and residential customers across a wide range of essential services (fixed telephony calls & line rental, mobile, broadband, non-geographic numbers, pre-payment MasterCard / CashBack card, gas, electricity and internet phone), with the added convenience of a single, concise monthly bill and consistently first class customer service.

Utilities are the ultimate consumables, used by tens of millions of people every day, each an opportunity to save money and to make money. For Independent Distributors promoting these essential services, more than any other home-based / network marketing business, the Utility Warehouse offers the potential of a virtually unlimited, long-term, recession-proof residual income.

Income Opportunity
Utility Warehouse Services

New customers, please sign-up online or call 0800 074 7494. Existing customers, please visit the Clubhouse 

A £40 billion UK Market – the time is now!

The UK market for these essential services is worth in excess of £40 billion and whilst Telecom plusPLC already provides 1,044,516 services to more than 300,000 business and residential customers, this represents less than 1% of the available market! For those looking to generate a solid ongoing residual income via a secure, credible and well established network marketing business, the best time to join is when strong financial and organisational foundations have been laid and where there are clear, strategic projections for significant long-term growth.

Whilst deregulation is a relatively new concept, in ten years time it will already be old news. Deregulation empowers customers to choose alternatives to the old monopoly suppliers for their domestic and business utility services. The Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus PLC) is the UK’s most compelling opportunity to profit from this major shift in consumer spending.

Benefiting from the continuing difficult economic climate

“Unlike many other businesses, we are benefiting from the continuing difficult economic climate, which makes both our customer and part-time earning propositions look increasingly attractive against the background of a broader labour market where working hours are being cut, overtime is being reduced, wages are being frozen, part-time jobs are less readily available and unemployment is rising.”

Charles Wigoder, Chief Executive, Telecom plus.PLC
(Report & Accounts, 31st March 2010)

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