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Utility Warehouse Network Marketing

Can you afford to miss out on this business opportunity

The Utility Warehouse is a network marketing company based in the UK. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange (TEP)

Did you know?

Globally there are more than 100 million people in network marketing, the industry generates over £150 billion in total worldwide sales, so if  you’re thinking its a Utility Warehouse scam or a Utility Warehouse pyramid then sorry to disappoint.

If you compare the total revenue of network marketing against some other big industries I am sure you will be amazed at just how massive network marketing really is.

Global Football Market = £10 Billion

Global Music Industry = £10.5 Billion

Global Film Industry = £53 Billion

Network Marketing = £150 Billion

Network Marketing is big business! and you could have a slice of the cake too.

Interesting Stats

In the UK alone there are more than 400,000 people running businesses from home, normally just part time. The Utility Warehouse this year alone will pay out more than £20 million in commission to their business partners, another amazing statistics to share is that 90% of Utility Warehouse distributors actually spend fewer than 10 hours a week on their business. Would you like a portion of this?

The Utility Warehouse is the 13th largest network marketing company in the world, and growing with record breaking figures each year, can you afford to miss out?

To find out how you can become a part of the success story get your questions answered and make contact today! 

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