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Congratulations to Wes Linden – New National Network Leader

We’re thrilled to announce that Wes Linden has been promoted to National Network Leader – the very highest step on our Stairway to Success. There is no higher achievement for a Utility Warehouse Wes Llinden Utility WarehousePartner, so please join us in congratulating him on a remarkable accomplishment.

Wes joined the Utility Warehouse as a Partner in December 1997, thinking that working the opportunity part-time would be a good way to help him pay off his student debts, overdrafts and credit cards. But after a few years of consistent customer gathering and Partner recruitment, Wes was able to clear his debts and start building a property portfolio. Since then, Wes has gone from strength to strength in the business and in his own personal development, building an enormous team and becoming an invaluable knowledge resource for the entire Network.

As well as his role as a member of the Distributor Board of Management (DBM), alongside the other senior leaders including his close friend and mentor Steve Critchley, Wes is instrumental when it comes to focussing the entire Network on the best practices for building a successful business. He is deeply involved in organising and running all of our key events – together with his friend, DBM colleague and comedic sidekick Robin Brooks, he has been the creative force behind MAD for eight years, and his January Kick-Off seminars are renowned.

Wes is a huge believer in supporting and encouraging everyone in the Network, not just those in his own team. He can often be found on Facebook, where he flexes his social media muscles on our Partner forum, keeping more than 10,000 people informed, educated and occasionally slapped on the wrist! Wes has spoken at a variety of Network Marketing events and as a strong advocate of personal development has written the acclaimed 79 Network Marketing Tips for Fast-Track Success.

Wes is a great friend to all of us in the Network and at NHQ, and he is proof that consistent effort, following the system and being a real team player can reap tremendous rewards.

We’re delighted to be celebrating this achievement with him, and we look forward to carrying on this great journey together.

Congratulations, Wes Linden – National Network Leader!

To find out how you can become a distributor with the Utility Warehouse request some more information.

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