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Free Pizza Utility Warehouse

Fancy Free Pizza?

Pizza Tuesdays have been a huge success, with thousands of Partners enjoying tens of thousands of free pizzas since the company launched this promotion. In fact, it’s been so popular that Pizza Tuesday is now a permanent fixture on the Utility Warehouse calendar.

Pizza Tuesday gives you an opportunity to meet new Partners and old friends, talk about your experiences in the business, and share tips and ideas.

And, of course, the best bit is – dough balls, your main course and a drink are free of charge when you become a partner and gather a customer or a partner each month

You can choose from a selection of pizzas, pastas or salad main courses, plus either a 330ml bottle of Peroni, a 175ml glass of any wine or a soft drink.

Pizza Tuesday is open to all Partners. If you are active in the business then you’re guaranteed to qualify – it’s that simple! Sign up one new customer or Partner in the month and you will be entitled to one meal voucher for Pizza Tuesday the following month. Sign up two or more new customers or Partners and you will be entitled to two meal vouchers, so you can bring a guest.

In addition, joint Partners will be able to get an extra invite. This means that if a joint position manages to gather three or more customers, or recruit three or more Partners, or reach a combined total of three or more, then they will get a third Pizza Tuesday invite.

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