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Free Utility Warehouse LED Blubs

Free Utility Warehouse LED Blubs

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FREE LED light bulbs worth £300-£500: Typically, the value to each customer will be around £300-£500 including fitting. Some customers with larger houses will receive free light bulbs worth much more. That’s on top of all the other savings and benefits that come as a Club Member.

FREE expert installation: A professional team of bulb fitters will install the very best energy-efficient LED bulbs, which provide a warm white colour (similar to traditional light bulbs – and just as bright) – completely free of charge!

FREE Lifetime guarantee: With this great offer, the Members will never need to buy another light bulb – ever again! For as long as they stay a Double Gold bundle, we’ll send them a free replacement whenever one of their existing light bulbs fails.

LOWER electricity bills – FOREVER: A typical household will use around 11% less electricity in a year – every year, forever – once their existing light bulbs have been replaced by us. That’s great for the customer, and great for the planet.


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