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Not a quick financial fix

When you look at those people who succeed in Telecom plus, they all have one important thing in common. The characteristic is persistence. These people are not looking for a quick financial fix. Their planning is deliberate, long-term and they focus on the fruit.

Wes Linden sums it up well…”People often over estimate their first year’s earnings in this business and underestimate what they will earn in 2-5 years”

This was brought home to me recently when I learned the income of one of the Company’s top Distributors and whilst I cannot share with you this person’s name, I can share the other details as they serve as an excellent example of long-term thinking and what can be achieved with a network marketing business.

This Distributor, who we shall call Bob has worked the Telecom plus business for seven years, mostly part-time and for the last few years – full time. After 22 months of effort, Bob was averaging £75 per month in customer gathering bonus and had built a residual income of £440 per month. Jumping forward 60 months, Bob still only earns an average £100 per month in customer gathering bonus, yet his residual income has increased to £30,000 per month!

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