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Get the slight edge working for you

Self-development is a critical aspect of building any network marketing business and one book in particular is receiving a lot of press at the moment. This book was in fact recommended recently at the Telecom plus/Utility Warehouse National Conference (Express Day), by National Marketing Director, Steve Critchley.

The book is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and one thing that I’ve learned over the last few years is that if a true leader, like Steve Critchley takes the time to recommend a book, then it’s 100% going to be worth reading. I’ve bought it, read it several times and was completely captivated by its contents. I wish that I had read this little gem years ago and so will you! This is one of the most relevant to network marketing, yet generic books that I have ever read. Its contents could well transform the forward direction of any network marketing business and life in general. You absolutely need to get The Slight Edge working for you (rather than against you). Thanks for recommending this one Steve.

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