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So Glad We Joined The Utility Warehouse As Distributors

An old friend was a serving Police Officer, and a Utility Warehouse distributor – and she introduced us as customers back in 2000. She did show us the business opportunity, but we were both busy and we didn’t really listen properly to the potential. Jane ran her own swim school and I was in engineering. In hindsight, how we wished we had joined then!Glad We Joined

In 2006 we emigrated to New Zealand and set up a gardening business. We worked very hard over the next six years and built up a very good income. But, in July 2012 we moved back to the UK due to family issues.

We settled in Dumfries in Scotland, and immediately looked to become a Utility Warehouse customer again. That September we spoke to Jan Dalby and decided to join the business opportunity, as it seemed like a good way to be able to get extra money and work from home. She invited us to go to Yorkshire for one of the big conferences which happen every six months, which we did. We were blown away by the enthusiasm we witnessed on stage that day.

We both said we will be up there on stage the following year being recognised for our achievements. Well it took a little bit longer, but we’ve made it! We will be there at Aintree for the next big event, recognised on stage! We are so proud.

Not only have we reached the 50 Plus Club (which means we have introduced 50 customers) but we have also reached Team Leader position (which means we have helped three distributors to get started too). We attend as many events and trainings as possible and picking up little tips from fellow Distributors. We also ensure we keep a positive attitude and we staying focused on our goals. The next step for us which happens to be the company car scheme for our free Mini! This business is great because you meet positive, like-minded people who can see the bigger picture. We have had ups and downs but what business doesn’t?

We would like to thank Jan Dalby a fantastic lady for introducing us to the business, Gary Murray who is always there for us and Leo Boucheron for his encouragement.

We would also like to thank Ian Forth and Christine Lloyd who are not in our team but have helped us to build our business and join their local training sessions. Roger and Tracey Mckean for all their help and support too – who also aren’t in our team but are happy to help!

Of course we couldn’t do any of the above without the wonderful staff at Head Office.

If you are looking at the business, then don’t just look, give it a serious go!  So glad we joined the Utility Warehouse as distributors and you will be too.

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