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Holiday of a lifetime

On November 12th last year, an elite group of Utility Warehouse top Distributors set off on the holiday of a lifetime to Las Vegas. The following is a personal testimonial of the experience:

From the moment we stepped out of the door to arriving back, every conceivable expense was covered and every detail thought of. It was 1st class all the way and no expense spared. Before we even arrived at Manchester Airport, we were already pinching ourselves over the fact that the Utility Warehouse had taken care of our travel arrangements to Manchester, a very nice overnight stay, along with travel insurance and even consideration given to our children by way of covering all of our telephone calls home – what a nice touch. We were like cheshire cats when Andy McWilliams (Executive Services Director) handed us $500 dollars in the departure lounge – “Just to tide you over until we get to Las Vegas” he said! What a great excuse to ‘invest’ in a few duty-free goodies we thought.

For the next seven days we were treated to all that Las Vegas had to offer – the best rooms at the newest and most exclusive hotel (The Wynn); best in house seats at four incredible shows (including the Rolling Stones); internal sight-seeing flights; helicopter trips into the Grand Canyon; a rafting adventure on the Colarado River; a real Western style horse riding experience; a trip to the Hoover Dam; a paddle steamer experience on Lake Mead and so many more wonderful adventures with friends and colleagues that we will treasure for ever.

One particular memory that we savour was the 12 by 25 foot floor to ceiling window in our room (complete with electric curtains) and the breathtaking view over the desert to the distant mountains that surround Las Vegas. Each morning (with the song Beautiful Dawn playing) we would remotely open these curtains to display the most vibrant and awe inspiring desert sunrise that you could ever imagine. It was like having front row seats at one of God’s natural wonders. The moods expressed by the colours of a changing dawn desert sky and mountains would have been worth the trip alone.

And just one other very nice touch that we would like to share with you was the envelope that would appear under our door each morning! Having experienced so many budget holidays in the past, what a joy that the Utility Warehouse very kindly decided to gift us with $300 of spending money each morning and that one of the Directors would personally deliver this to our door.

On 17th October 2004, sitting in the audience at the Company’s National Conference, we made a commitment that we would qualify for this holiday. The criteria was stretching to say the least, but the decision was made and in my mind the job was already done. All that I can tell you is that the decision, subsequent plans and 12 months consistent action were worth it. We enjoyed the holiday of a lifetime and have been well paid in the process. I now realise that these Telecom plus free holidays are wonderful ready made staging posts on the road to building a large profitable Telecom plus business and are a very sweet reward along the way.

We are on the road to our financial freedom and if this is a road that interests you, could I whole heartedly encourage you to fully evaluate this wonderful business opportunity. Thank you Telecom plus.

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