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GUARANTEED : Savings on call charges compared to BT!


Utility Warehouse Home Phone

The Utility Warehouse Home Phone service offers amazing value with free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines, free anytime calls to Club members on their landlines and mobiles and great savings on your UK calls, including mobiles!

The Utility Warehouse guarantee you’ll pay less for your UK calls to local, national and mobile numbers, than with any other major provider including BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk.

The Utility Warehouse Home Phone service offers great savings on call charges compared with all other major providers and free calls to UK landlines at evenings and weekends.

The Utility Warehouse Home Phone service offers great value and savings compared to other major providers, combined with award-winning customer service. Transferring your line to the Utility Warehouse happens automatically at your local BT exchange.

Are you a Sky customer? Most Sky customers can make substantial savings on their Home Phone and Broadband with the Utility Warehouse – and keep their TV package (and email address if you want to!) with Sky. Get the best of both worlds!

Are you a Virgin customer? You can keep your TV, broadband and line rental with Virgin, but still benefit from significant savings on your phone calls using the Utility Warehouse Home Phone service. See this website for more information.

Risk-free – if you are not absolutely delighted with the Utility Warehouse Home Phone service and the savings you are making, you can simply cancel without penalty and go back to your previous supplier’s higher prices!

Do you make lots of international calls? With the Utility Warehouse International Saver option, you can reduce the cost of calling 50 top international destinations to 1p per minute.

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New customers, please sign-up online or call 0800 074 7494. Existing customers, please visit the Clubhouse