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How many will join your team?

In the last month the Utility Warehouse has welcomed over 1,000 new Distributors and well in excess of 10,000 new customers. Head Office has a real buzz of excitement, with sixty new staff and preparations well underway for the Company’s move to their new offices in May of next year. Month after month, records are being exceeded and expectations are incredibly favorable.

There have never been better economic circumstances and at a time when the papers are filled with ongoing news of financial ruin, there has never been a more favorable time to build a Utility Warehouse business.

On a personal level, things have never been more buoyant and I have never felt more excited about my Utility Warehouse business than I do today. The team is just about to exceed 500 Distributors, November group customers are already up by 10%,  yesterday’s commission statement took my breath away, the new business building bonus starts in January and…some folk still say: “that won’t work”. Well, the jury is already in on that score – it does work, it gets better every day and a great many people will work for and attain their financial freedom through this business over the next ten or so years. How many of these people will join your team?

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