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Wes Linden Stolen Car

How this business helps you deal with life’s challenges

Today Wes Linden went and had lunch with the fellow Utility Warehouse Distributors. As he walked back to his car, he found find glass on the ground! and no car!

He told a few friends, and got mixed reactions exclaiming hatred towards people that do this, and frustration on his behalf!

BUT, it seems his reaction surprised people.

Why? well Wes Linden has learned that we 100% can choose our reactions, we choose whether to be emotional when bad things happen. So he chose to not be bothered or irritated, why would he give his energy away to something you can’t influence?

Instead Wes choose to be happy that he now gets to choose a new car, and now can choose a new suits (since had three suits in the car as he had been too lazy to take out the car from Express Day!), he also had a nice chat with a police officer, and took a taxi journey with a guy who he was able to offer some advice to, he took a bus journey where he was able to thank the driver (which most people don’t do) and make his day better. If they had taken the next car up, it may have inconvenienced someone who would have struggled to get through the rest of the day. Plus he of course had a lovely lunch with some other partners about their promotion to SGL & 400 plus club. Oh, and got to share this mindset, and that it might make a difference to one person.

Heres’s what happened! his car was stolen.

If Wes reacted emotionally, guess what? His car was still stolen! But now transfer some of that angst to other people. If he was exuding frustration, then he might darken someone else’s day. If he reacted without drama, guess what? The car was still stolen! But he hasn’t dragged anyone else down with it.

Why do I share this? Well, all of you will have things happen in growing your Utility Warehouse business that frustrate you, which may lead to an emotional reaction. It could be some phone calls that don’t work out. An appointment that doesn’t end they want you want. A prospect you go and see who is hiding behind the sofa. A customer or partner that joins then reverses that decision 3 hours later.

So these are the facts of what happen. How we react is our choice. If we get into a mess about it, we don’t change what has happened, we just find ourselves in a mess! less likely to find something productive to do to fill the time that has been freed up.

We can start resenting the people that did it is a waste of time too! It isn’t going to change it, and I’m a believer that ‘hurt people hurt people’ – so clearly they aren’t going to sleep well, or waking up well, or making a positive difference in the world, therefore I feel sorry for them and don’t wish them any ill-will. Hopefully they’ll turn their lives around soon and hanging negative feelings on them affects us more than them! To do what they do, they have already made peace with the idea they’ll be unpopular!

In fact, I feel for them, they won’t sleep well, they won’t wake comfortably. They’ll always be waiting for that knock on the door. They infact have nothing to be proud about. They can’t tell their grandkids what they do and negative energy people mix with other negative energy people. It’s not a good deal. So I personally wouldn’t call them that! They don’t mix with nice people and they don’t have anything to look forward to in the way we do!

The secret is don’t give your power away!

Reality is, we are blessed to have the business we do, that offers the opportunities we have, and gives us the chance to make positive waves upon other people, and to mix with upbeat people. Anything else that goes wrong, is just a little blip!

So whatever irritation or frustration comes your way over the coming hours or days, own your emotions, rather than letting your emotions own you, and life is happier! And gives us more chance to zoom out and focus on the big picture!

PS We know some people may want to dismiss this and say “easy for you to say when you’ve got a few bob!” – but let’s say he didn’t have… how would reacting emotionally and dramatically change the situation?! Every moment of negative energy and drama, delays a solution from appearing!

This business and its teaching along with personal development over the years has enabled Wes Linden to think this way, and could help you also? Lets connect!

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