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How Utility Warehouse compares to full-time employment

How Utility Warehouse compares to full-time employment.

Here’s a story from one of our top distributors, Sheila Winter, who has built a successful Utility Warehouse business, working from home, alongside her husband John:

We were stuck on the wonderful motorways of Southern England yesterday for many hours. Believe it or not, not just one motorway but two were closed, after incidents, and the third one, might just as well have been! We got home very late indeed, and having just got up, I replayed yesterday in my mind. I have been reminded yet again, what a different life I live now thanks to our Utility Warehouse business.

We had appointments to meet people for lunch for them to become a Utility Warehouse distributor, as well as early afternoon and late afternoon meetings set up with people who were looking to save money by becoming a Utility Warehouse customer, and then the drive home early evening. It all changed as the day wore on, and we spent more time stuck on the road, but nobody minded changing the schedule.

It brought me back to a similar incident 13 years ago, when I was still working for someone else.

For the two hours I was stuck in traffic, I received 24 phone calls from my ‘boss’ asking when I was going to be moving. When I eventually got to my meeting. I received a lecture about letting people down, how selfish I was. How I should have thought ahead and adjusted my route. Even though the accident was just ahead of me! Worst of all, they had already had lunch and as I ‘chose’ not to be there on time (his words) I wasn’t getting any, in fact they hadn’t bothered to save any for me!! That day was dreadful, and I eventually went to bed feeling upset demoralised and depressed.

Move on 13 years, and having built up our Utility Warehouse business, we had two hours spent in the morning on the phone, which resulted in two firm follow-ups for today. During the day we handed out 15 cards to people looking for extra income, and numerous interesting conversations.

Lunch turned into afternoon tea (due to the time) and the two appointments switched to late afternoon and early evening. Then the additional big hold-up on the roads in the evening coming back, allowed us to make all of our telephone calls. Unfortunately we picked up dinner in a motorway services (not good, but food at least) which enabled another couple of conversations, and cards handed out.

We fell into bed very late, but there is no-one to tell us when we need to be up in the morning so as I write this when most people are already at work. John is still upstairs sleeping, recharging his batteries for today. And no one feels unhappy.

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