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Internet Phone from the Utility Warehouse


Utility Warehouse Internet Phone

One of the benefits of faster broadband provision has been the evolution of greatly improved Broadband and Internet phone services. Terms used to describe internet phone services include: Broadband Phone, USB Phone, VOIP (voice over ip), IP Phone and WiFi Phone. With the Utility Warehouse, the name used to describe this phenomenal service is simply: Internet Phone and as the name suggests, this is a telephone service that connects via the Internet, rather than via a traditional landline.

Internet / broadband phone services are highly versatile, making the concept of a mobile office more of a reality than ever before. The Utility Warehouse Internet Phone service can be used anywhere (in the world) that there is a broadband Internet connection. Line rental starts from just £2 per month (that’s over 80% cheaper than an extra line from BT) and calls made are charged at low Home Phone rates, with further huge savings compared to BT.

For full details of the Utility Warehouse Internet Phone service (wireless & fixed),
please visit the website

Two Internet Phone options from the Utility Warehouse

  1. The ‘Fixed Connection’ Internet Phone service is a highly cost effective and flexible extra line option, either at home or even for a second home overseas and can offer the benefit of free telephone calls to UK landlines and top international destinations from anywhere in the world! Line rental for a ‘fixed connection’ Internet Phone line is just £2 a month.
  2. A ‘Wireless Connection’ offers the ultimate Internet Phone experience and with a line rental of just £9 a month, this service is exceptional value for money. Using the supplied and exclusive Utility Warehouse Wi-Fi phone, subscribers to this service can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world where a wireless internet connection is available.

With a wireless Internet Phone from the Utility Warehouse, the possibilities are almost limitless! Make and receive calls wherever you are – in an airport lounge, a hotel or a friend’s house and enjoy free calls to UK landline and international numbers. The more services you take, the more free calls you can make! Take four services and you’ll benefit from unlimited ‘Free Global Calls’ anywhere in the world! Internet Phone offers huge savings compared to BT – wherever you are in the world! Even calls to mobiles are up to 90% cheaper than BT!

For a one-off connection charge of just £50, the Utility Warehouse will provide you with a brand new additional phone number. They will also send you a special telephone adaptor which you simply plug into your internet router, and then plug into your phone. That’s all there is to it.

For full details of the Utility Warehouse Internet Phone service (wireless & fixed), please visit the website

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