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Joga Shoker

If success changes people, they’ll only be one way that this news changes this guy and that’ll be positively.

jogaYou’ll not hear him shouting from the rooftops as to how clever or special he is, indeed the Joga Shoker who came up and introduced himself to me at a London COP as a QD, is still a thoroughly nice chap today as a new Senior Group Leader – a position for which he’s deservedly been promoted today.

Why won’t you hear him bleating? Because this Joga Shoker arrived in UW as a top man who had his feet on the ground and his life in balance, and that has never changed. He maintains a healthy and happy life outside of UW, enjoying adventures with the lovely Lorraine Shoker; a commitment to charity which you’ll rarely hear him speak of; a committed and slight edge approach to fitness; he works hard in his now-successful Subway franchises (though has had to graft harder than most and make big sacrifices to make this happen without letting on to people that things weren’t always rosey); and maintain an active and fun social life with long-standing friends where he is Joga Shoker the friend, rather than Joga Shoker the distributor.

His skills in rapport-building are worthy of a Masters Degree in the subject, he recognises that people buy people and I doubt many people joined his business because of his intricate knowledge of the cost of a call to Taiwan, the kwh rate in the Luton region, nor whether one can keep their BT email address.

His willingness to improve himself speaks volumes; he is never far from a personal development CD or book, he is a regular on Advanced Leadership training, and is always picking the brains of anyone he thinks he can learn from.

A gifted speaker, when I was given a letter he hand-wrote to Nhq a few short years back when he was a new QD, introducing himself and saying that he loved MAD, and by the next one he would be GL with the MINI and a company trainer, I filed it in the ‘ok, let’s see’ folder! By the next MAD this had happened and he took the stage as a main speaker and stole the show Bernell-style.

When not asked to speak, he is a willing helper, invaluable in his support for any event I ask him to muck-in for. Both in the lead-up where he is a trusted and respected sounding board, and on the day itself whether it be doing registration, selling raffle tickets or holding the cables for the cameraman, he’ll be there with a willing smile and happy demeanour. Not even getting to SGL will change that I’m sure, you’ll not see him drifting into the hall early and standing around chatting with the others who self-promote themselves to that privilege!

The £5k bonus is well-deserved; but neither that nor the well-deserved growing residual income will change him. It’s said money doesn’t change people, it reveals them, and therefore there’ll be no revelations as he has always been and will continue to be a great and loyal friend, a fantastic distributor, a terrific ambassador, the complete gent, and generally just Joga – Mr Nice Guy!

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