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Getting started with the Utility Warehouse

Thousands of Distributors have already joined Telecom plus and are already earning significant monthly incomes, raising funds for community projects, or generating significant discounts on their utility bills. But with only around 1% of UK households using the Company’s services, this remains a virtual ‘ground-floor’ opportunity. See below for details of four ways to get involved:

1. Independent Distributor (ID) – earn a life changing residual income (£100.00)

Join Wes Linden's Utility Warehouse Distributor team - click here to read his Network Marketing/Telecom plus testimonialThe Independent Distributor position offers a service based network marketing business, with the opportunity to combine the financial benefits of customer gathering and team building. For Utility Warehouse Independent Distributors, the financial benefits can be life-changing, with no cap on potential earnings. The full Independent Distributorship is for those whose motivation is to generate a significant, secure and long-term residual income.

This is a simple easy to run network marketing business that can be operated full-time, part-time or anytime. The financial rewards available include generous customer gathering bonuses, long term residual income as a percentage of customers monthly bills, team development rewards, equity share options, a car scheme and holiday incentives. Many current Utility Warehouse Distributors earn life-changing incomes. So why not you?

The best way to fully evaluate this opportunity is to simply ‘bite the bullet’ and join. There is a small costs £100.00 which includes full training, ongoing support and everything needed to get your Utility Warehouse business off to a positive profitable start. To get started, register your interest. and should you have any questions, please call 0800 074 7494.

2. Community Fundraiser (CFR) – raise ‘community’ funds (£25)

The Community Fundraiser (CFR) position is an opportunity to build a regular and growing income for community or charitable groups, simply by encouraging supporters to save money by using Utility Warehouse services. The CFR option would suit any fundraising group or charity, with specific fundraising objectives. Utility Warehouse Community Fundraisers are provided with a selection of posters and other marketing items, together with templates for promotional letters for sending to supporters and a freephone sign-up line for supporters to call.

For new Community Fundraisers, the only commitment is a one-off £25 registration fee, which is fully refundable when 12 supporters sign up as customers in the first 90 days. Once supporters have become customers, the Utility Warehouse will pay the CFR up to 5% of their monthly bill. The Utility Warehouse will continue to pay this income each month – for as long supporters continue using the Company’s services. Register your interest.

3. Independent Representative (IR) – supplement business revenue (£199.75)

The Independent Representative (IR) position, which costs £199.75, allows business owners to generate an additional residual income stream by introducing Utility Warehouse services to an existing network, such as employees, customers or current business contacts.

Potential new customers can be encouraged to sign-up for services via a dedicated freephone number to the Utility Warehouse Sales Team or online via a personalized Utility Warehouse website, where sales are automatically attributed to the referring Independent Representative. With freephone referrals, the Company’s Sales Team will explain all the benefits of using the services, and there will be no hard sell. For referred customers who sign-up for services, the Company will pay up to 5% of their monthly bill to the CFR. The Utility Warehouse will continue to pay for as long as introduced customers continue using their services. Register your interest.

4. Utility Warehouse Discount Club Member – value that’s unbeatable

Some people like to evaluate the great value, fantastic services and award-winning customer service by first joining as a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.