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Lifestyle, free-time and income

Wes Linden - lifestyle & success with Utility WarehouseThe Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) succeeds because Distributors are able to offer low cost services which every adult and household in the UK needs, so growth is continuous. The Utility Warehouse calculates that a typical family could save over £870 per year with them, which is tremendous because everybody wants to save money.

The Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) has grown impressively, capturing around 1% of the UK utility marketplace, but this statistic shows you that the potential for future growth is absolutely enormous. Plus the well-publicised economic concerns and the ever-worsening pension crisis, means the vast majority of people would like less debt, less stress, more financial security and more time spent doing what they want to do rather than spent running in the rat race.

Different people want different things; whether it’s an extra £200 per month to cover those little extras; £500 per month to pay the mortgage or £1000 – £10,000 per month to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. The Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) can help people achieve whichever financial goals they’ve set for themselves, and I’m delighted to be one of them.

Everyday I reflect on how grateful I am for the lifestyle, free time and income which the Utility Warehouse has helped me create. I already earn several times more than I would have done had I gone on to become a teacher and this is an income that will grow every single month, whether I do anything or not.

This article was written by Hugh Graham and originally published in Making Money Magazine.

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