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An income you can bank on

“I view my success as an entrepreneur not by how successful or rich I become but by how many other people achieve financial freedom through Telecom plus. I believe Telecom plus has the potential to make more genuine Distributor millionaires than any other referral marketing company in the UK – bar none” Charles Wigoder.

The above extract is from a three page feature in Making Money magazine (March 2009) – a UK publication dedicated to franchise, network marketing and business opportunities. Titled – ‘An Income You Can Bank On’, this excellent article replaces an earlier Utility Warehouse feature article of the same name that was first published in this magazine in 2003. With up-to-date references to the Company’s promotion to the FTSE-250, recent magazine accolades and record growth, this article is an ideal read for any potential Utility Warehouse Distributor. To receive a full copy of this article, please contact me.

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