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Marian Townsend on her promotion to Senior Group Leader

It gives me immense pride to congratulate Marian Townsend on her promotion to Senior Group Leader. Marian joined our business after at least four people had told her how to save money (and she didn’t become a customer on any occasion) but then eventually someone told her about the opportunity.Marian Townsend Utility Warehouse Distributor

Lesson 1: Don’t prejudge…How they will rue the missed opportunity…forget to mention the business and that’ll cost you.
Lesson 2: A no is just a ‘no for now’.

She was sponsored by someone who didn’t really get the business and actually quit.

Lesson 3: Don’t quit.
Lesson 4: Every dud knows a stud.

Marian is on around my 10th level and has a GL and at least one STL above her. Methinks there may be some more activity soon in those legs…I first met Maz when I noticed her activity without support and invited her to a Team event I was running. She was a little startled but we struck up a great friendship from that point on!

Lesson 5: Depth is critical. Light a fire beneath people stimulates more activity.
Lesson 6: It’s your business to find out who is deep down in your business. It could be your superstar.

Marian has been an absolute trouper in this business. Always enthusiastic, always positive, always networking, always finding opportunities. Yes, she is certainly capable of saying 1000 words when 10 could do, but that’s part of her charm! Yes, by her own admission she can be called ‘Mad Maz’! Yes, she has admirably chuckled at the alpha-males….by simply proving her worth and continuing to plug away and achieve results – including this one! She’s a Mini owner, she achieved Vegas, she’s is in the 100 plus club. Now she’s SGL. Whenever there’s been challenges, she’s overcome them. Her husband Martin has provided background support but he will be the first to admit that this is very much her achievement. Oh and she’s dyslexic too which I hope will inspire those who have their own difficulties. I really, really admire Maz for her tenacity, her attitude, her spirit, her desire to support her team, her fun manner, her big heart, her wish to help others, and her absolutely dogged determination to succeed.

Please join me in offering her your congratulations! Well Done

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