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Waiter to superstar success

Another Utility Warehouse success story this week with the promotion of Tristan Lee to Independent Marketing Director and with it, further evidence that people are attracted to the benefits of network marketing and the Utility Warehouse business from all walks of life. At the time of joining, Tristan, with a degree in theology and philosophy, was an out of work actor, working most of his day as a waiter. Tristan trained as an actor, singer and dancer at one of the UK’s top stage schools, but as is often case with this vocation, was challenged in generating a sufficient income through such roles.

Whilst Tristan is a much loved and larger than life character within the business, he is also greatly respected for his early fast-track successes, including qualification for one of the Company’s Caribbean cruises and promotion to Independent Group Director (both within his first 18 months).

Contributed by Wes Linden: “Thanks to the Utility Warehouse, about four years ago Tristan served in a restaurant for the last time, as he was covering his living costs with his residual income. This gave him the chance to ‘choose’ – which most people can only dream of – but instead of re-entering the world of theatre, where the big money is only really earned by the star name and 6 to 7 nights a week work are the norm, he decided to set up his own entertainment business and in three short years, he has become the UK’s leading singagram which satisfies his enjoyment of entertaining, allows him to run a business that fits in with a fun and well-travelled lifestyle, without taking up all his time. All this has been made possible thanks to a safe and secure residual income from the Utility Warehouse at a time when many people from both the acting and waiting professions are suffering financially.”

Congratulations Tristan Lee – another Utility Warehouse success story and living testimonial of what he himself says in the What’s It All About? DVD which goes along the lines of – “you don’t have to be a superstar (to be successful) – just do a little bit, consistently”.

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