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Success for April Fool

Whilst everyone at the Utility Warehouse knew that Wes Linden was originally aiming for promotion to Independent Senior Marketing Director (SMD) on 14th February and would hence forth have been known as the Company’s Valentines Day SMD, it was an absolute delight to learn of his actual and very well deserved promotion on the 1st April. Wes of course is no April Fool and has been working diligently over the last 12 months to ensure this significant promotion, which by the very nature of network marketing, has frequently involved putting others first along the way. Whilst not being directly ‘connected’ to Wes’s step up the ladder, it’s worthy to note that my own level of Independent Marketing Director would not have happened without Wes’s consistent daily support and never fading encouragement, given freely and at times to the detriment of his own pressing goals. In stark contrast to the so often ‘dog eat dog’ corporate world, what a complete breath of fresh air where the motives of those at the top are of ‘lifting’ those below versus treading on their heads. How fantastic then to see Tristan Lee, followed closely by Shannon Griffin and Peter Heydon, reaching Independent Marketing Director, along with numerous other significant/high level team promotions and in the wake of all this group success, Wes’s own well deserved promotion.

As a true network marketing leader and pioneer, Wes was the Company’s youngest Independent Marketing Director at just 21 and ten years on from this promotion, earns a healthy six figure’s from his Utility Warehouse business, standing as a true network marketing success story and a solid example of Slight Edge resolve. What is so often a common trait amongst those at and determined to reach the high levels, is a continued focus on self-driven productivity versus death by management.

Over recent years, Wes has received three ‘Outstanding Achievement’ awards from the Company, in relation to: his work on Company marketing materials; for his ongoing College of Excellence commitments and most recently for writing, presenting and launching the What’s It All About? DVD.

On a personal level, Wes is an International Speaker and a professional football referee, last summer securing promotion to the highly acclaimed Football League, ranking him amongst the top 0.1% of UK referee’s. So, very well done Mr. Linden and whilst we cannot attach the Valentines Day accolade to this monumental achievement, you are none the less loved and held in very high regard within this team and no doubt, throughout the wider Utility Warehouse Distributor Network.

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