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No ordinary life

Wes Linden - I never did fit into most folk's idea of an ordinary lifeI never did fit into most folk’s idea of an ordinary life because I had decided by the time I was 19 that working for somebody else was not the way to achieve the sort of lifestyle I wanted. I spent 18 months studying English at Brunel University, before opting to convert my degree to a teaching degree. I spent a term as a teaching assistant in a junior school but in September ’98 when I was all set to become a teacher, I realised the true potential of the Utility Warehouse and quit University.

I originally saw the business as a great way to earn an extra £200 a month and once I’d hit this target, I realised that with some additional effort I could get a lot more. Then, instead of spending my whole life working so that one day I could give up working, I could work for between five and seven years and then have the option of stopping work altogether.

New Distributors, he told me, earn generous customer gathering bonuses and receive a residual income based not only on their own customers, but also on the customers gathered by their team.

Additionally, once they’ve gathered 200 customers, Distributors are rewarded with the use of a Porsche Boxster for a month from the company fleet – the Porsche is great fun to drive believe me! I now drive a brand new MINI, which is also part of the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) Distributor incentive package – and because of my activity it actually costs me nothing!

Other benefits include free holidays and free share options in the company; I’ve been on 2 luxury Caribbean cruises and have been rewarded with over 25,000 free share options.

Having rid himself of his student debts, Wes bought a 3 bedroom apartment in Northwood, Middlesex in 2002 and thanks to his Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) income he is currently on his way to achieving his goal of owning ten properties by the time he is 30.

He goes to the gym twice a week and regularly meets friends for lunch – a particularly effective recruitment technique since they always wonder why they only have an hour’s break, whilst Wes can spend all afternoon enjoying a leisurely lunch. He also enjoys clothes shopping, relaxing in front of the TV and going abroad, “I try to get away every 2 months, for a week or two in order to see another part of the world. This may sound like a fantasy lifestyle but the great thing with the Utility Warehouse is that once you have the foundations in place you become unimportant to the creation of an increasing income, no matter what you are doing, you are still earning money every time someone switches on a light, boils a kettle, sends a text message, makes a phone call or logs on to the internet!”

The Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) has a highly successful, industry-experienced Management Team and a Customer Service Department which is so effective that it answers 90% of calls received within 15 seconds which keeps the rapidly increasing customer base happy! Whilst Distributors work from home, the company operates from a single, state of the art Head Office complex in London, and because all of the key departments are based centrally costs are kept to a minimum, meaning that the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) can keep savings high for their customers and earnings high for their Distributors, all of which keeps the Shareholders happy! [read more]

This article was written by Hugh Graham and originally published in Making Money Magazine.

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