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On the fence with the Utility Warehouse

July saw the largest number of new Distributors EVER to join in one month – over 1,000 and whilst I don’t know the actual figures, I understand that the month also saw a record breaking number of new customers. What interested me was some people’s surprise at these figures, along with many questions about how to get in on the action. In short, take action and if we sit on the fence watching, nothing will happen.

The Company’s growth is NO surprise – records being broken EVERY month – a share price that has DOUBLED and countless Distributors moving forward like never before. Around two years ago, Ludbrook Research International published an article, indicating the flavour of things to come – Utility Warehouse and the Shakeout boom. In this article, it was assessed that Telecom plus PLC had yet to reach 10% of its potential size, along with a prediction of £500 million in annual sales within 10 years.

Here’s the thing – for those who are still sat on the fence, wondering if the business will work – that time has ended. It’s working and just like Steve Critchley has been encouraging for so long, there has never been a better time. No hype, no spin and we only have to marry the current economic crisis with the business facts to see this for ourselves.

There is no magic key for those who are growing the business – on the whole, they are people who work with whatever time they have in a consistent, ongoing manner. Every key to building a Utility Warehouse business is 100% freely available via the College of Excellence.

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