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Paul Jennings Achieves Group Leader In His Home Based Business

Paul Jennings Achieves Group Leader In His Home Based Business

I’m proud to announce that Paul Jennings has achieved Group Leader today in his home based business.

Paul is a brilliant example of someone who, irrespective of what life throws at him, and however despondent one could get, just carries on anyway.

I first met Paul when I was doing BNI. It was only my second meeting at a chapter I started back in 2008 and he was there as the resident electrician. We got chatting, and I used my usual lines when he asked me about UW. I said “so what do you know about Utility Warehouse then?” (I find this much more effective in networking as it saves me shooting blindfolded and jabbering on without knowing what they know) to which he said “actually, I am already a business customer”. Guess what? The person who signed him up didn’t even mention the opportunity!

He then explained another guy had shown him the opportunity but he didn’t like his manner; and a lady had given him a DVD and then not called him again. So I did what I believe is the right thing, and said to him that he should get back in touch with her. His response was very interesting – he said “no, why should I chase her? If she isn’t smart enough to follow up with someone who is interested in joining then I don’t trust she will support me if I join under her!”

He was pretty final about that. So now it was in my court! We agreed to a 121, and I was probably taken aback that he was almost chasing me to join! There’s a LOT of lessons there you should take note of there – how many missed opportunities will you let pass by?

Paul got started efficiently and didn’t take too long to get to Team Leader, in fact he did it is less than 6 months and got the bonus. Senior Team Leader followed in pretty good time, however this is where he stalled. For a variety of reasons, being in big debt, losing his granddad and then gran within a month of each other and then losing his dad a few weeks after, and closing his electrician business down, Paul had a couple of years in the wilderness where nothing seemed to happen in terms of progressing towards Group Leader. In fact, things hit a real low for Paul and he had a spell on anti-depressants with bouts of depression which would come and go.

We had several heart to hearts and I was careful not to make Paul feel rejected by the business – which is where having ‘yellow’ tendencies help from a leadership perspective. Another lesson.
GL became a mental block and I think Paul would admit that he probably felt it would never, ever happen.

However, you know when we say “keep going to the events, however you’re feeling”? Well, Paul did just that. In fact, he kept coming to events so much that I was both surprised and impressed that despite his lull in the business, he still kept showing up. Paul just wasn’t going to let go – he buddied up with lots of cross-team friends, and just kept holding on until his ‘luck’ turned. Then about three months ago I could sense a chance in him. His posture changed and his determination and focus seemed to be matched with actual results. Group Leader was suddenly a forgone conclusion rather than a million miles away.

So I am delighted to see that overnight Paul achieved Group Leader. So as well as a proud Mini owner; a proud hubby to Jasmine; a proud daddy to Dexter; Paul is now a proud Group Leader; and a very well deserved one too, as he just would not let it die! Well done mate, really proud of you!

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