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How personal development has changed our perspective

How personal development has changed our perspective.

The Utility Warehouse has not only created a regular income stream for us, it has had an amazing effect on our personal development and the way we view life and run our business. Most importantly, it has helped us switch from a YOU CAN’T attitude into a YOU CAN perspective!


Through resources provided by the Utility Warehouse, we have learned that small purposeful actions over time helps build our skills and grow our business. Instead of looking at challenges with fear, we go towards to confront and overcome them and pity parties are so last year! So we suck in our guts and now say to ourselves “What are YOU going to do about it?” Whilst pointing at ourselves in the mirror. Over time, with our growing bag of skills and understanding, we focused on creating goals, swatting aside any negative thoughts or attitudes and putting a positive spin on situations. We’ve learned to not take negative comments personally and not get stuck in a rut when someone says ‘no’. Effectively, we were re-tuning our minds perspective to enable us to grow. “At the end of the day there is only one person who can make ‘it happen’ and that’s YOU”


To us, It means we can pretty much do anything we truly put our minds to and let those dreams fly. We now see our UW business and life full of abundance and opportunities rather than doom and gloom. The exceptional people who are part of The Utility Warehouse WANT you to see past obstructions that are stopping you from achieving Success! That sort of support is extremely valuable. To conclude, This opportunity has helped us build a rewarding and growing UW business, dissolved unnecessary mind stresses, had amazing effects on our personal lives, blooming new and better friendships, connecting with great business minds, enhanced family relationships and our own overall mental Well Being. The Result: A very optimistic perspective on life that only gets better and better!


Personal development can only happen if you choose to let it happen, so I urge you to embrace it through attending events and trainings, reading recommended reads, listening to development Audio’s, using all the training resources, mingling with other active distributors and more. Be prepared to learn a lot about yourself on this exciting journey of self discovery as you build your UW business as high as you dare to dream.


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