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Utility Warehouse Team Work

Personal Development For Success

TEAMWORK and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT growth go hand in hand in getting results. Teamwork is so important, not only to you, but also to your new team members – once Personal Developmentthey have joined and you are able to introduce them to others they immediately feel part of the bigger picture; the bigger team.

Back in the early 90s when I was working with Anthony Robbins, he used to say that human beings are only ever truly happy when the following four emotions are experienced – when they feel they are growing through learning new stuff, achieving goals, becoming knowledgeable, experiencing a feeling of progress and achievement; and when they feel they are part of a team.

If we look at growth first, this is where we want our new Partner (team member) to fully realise and understand that personal development is one of the keys to success, and we should look to introduce them to this as soon as possible. We can do this by lending them a book or CD, or getting them to understand the value of registering with Knowledge is King and receiving a CD or book every month to improve their knowledge and skill sets. Also getting them booked immediately on the major events in the year ahead; Kick-Off events, Express Day, and MAD. And then there’s getting them doing the online training, booked on classroom skills, and making that all important invaluable list of potential prospects to sponsor.

Every one of the actions I have just mentioned can become a goal achieved for them, you could achieve many of these on the first visit when you sponsor them. How would they feel when you turn round and say ‘right, that’s six goals ticked off’ already?!  Let’s now look at Team (Together Everyone Achieves More). Mostly, everyone likes to be part of a team, and we are all on many teams: husband and wife team, family team, friends team, village team, community team, religious team, work team, sports and hobbies team, Utility Warehouse team etc. We like being part of a team; we are generally at our happiest when we enjoy the teams that we belong to.

When your new Partner joins it is so important that you make them feel part of a team, and involve them at the earliest stage possible, that then gives them a feeling of belonging, and for many it is very welcome, as they never experience this kind of support in their jobs. When I look across some of my most successful leaders, one of the common denominators is that they have all built a sense of team across their business; their team all want to be involved, and are proud of the team’s accomplishments.

In my experience, there are many Partners that put the power of personal development for success as the most underrated benefit of being in the Utility Warehouse team. I also predict, that in the not too distant future, as more and more Partners start to experience true financial success and freedom, that belonging to the Utility Warehouse team will be just as important, if not more so, than the money they earn. For some that is already the case! PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and TEAMWORK go a very long way to making your DREAM WORK.

To find out about how you can lead a team and plug into personal development get in touch.

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