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Wes Llinden Utility Warehouse

Pressing The Right Buttons

Wes Llinden Utility Warehouse

Wes Llinden Utility Warehouse

“How much is your BT phone bill?”
“About £120 a quarter.”
“Do you like paying that much?”
“Have you seen one of these boxes?”
“No, what is it?”
“Basically, you plug that into your phone socket
on the wall, you plug the phone into the box,
then you dial as normal, and that’ll save you
about £40 a quarter, would you like to try it?”

That was the pitch when we first started building this business 15 years ago and more! It was quick, simple, required little skill and even less expertise! We only had the one service (the
piggy-shaped call routing box) and that’s all we needed to do to get customers.

As the business grew and the service portfolio got wider, and we became a Discount Club, there was more we needed to know. As Andrew said at Express Day, some people (mistakenly) thought they needed to become a ‘utility geek’ and the more expert we are the less people will want to be part of our Purple Army. Whether you realise it or not, every prospect (Member or Partner) that you speak to, is asking themselves, either consciously or subconsciously “Is this simple? Could I do it?” and then when you do show them the business, if what they’ve witnessed is complicated and non-duplicatable, then they will have already decided it’s not for them.

So this gives me the view that the Terry Wogan film, the ‘More About the Club’ presentation and the ‘How the Money Works’ all tucked neatly into the Business Builder App on your tablet, with the ‘What’s It All About?’ videos and various other tools all available at the click of a button, are perfect.

They take us back to the simplicity of the early days when the pitch was simple and the knowledge required was minimal. Build rapport (we can’t do that bit for you!) – press the button – let the tools do the work – show your own bill (preferably with some good Cashback figures on!) – ask the closing question, and you’ll build a successful business and be able to show others how to do the same, without them feeling they need a doctorate in utilities!

Let us not forget, changing utility suppliers is not actually the worlds biggest decision, yet some of us allow people to think it requires more time to consider than their mortgage or kids school. Combining our unique ability to be invited willingly into someone’s lounge (no other provider has this access!), and to press some buttons and show them what we do in a simple manner, whilst using our rapport skills and smile to let them see how personable we are as a business, and this Purple Army really is heading to infinity and beyond.

Why not be part of a success story and find out more!

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