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Utility Warehouse Promotion

Promotion For A Utility Warehouse Distributor

May 2013, I was in Croatia in a little place called Opatjia.

I had been down by the sea enjoying the weather. Suddenly there was a huge rainstorm that lasted a couple of hours and so I took refuge in a hotel reception area, and decided to use Freecall to make some calls to some ‘No For Now’ people.

As is often the case, some of them didn’t answer and those that did, it wasn’t a good time, and maybe try again in a few months…

Then I got hold of a guy who had looked at the business before, but for whom other things had always been a priority. When you make calls to these folk, you don’t know when you’ll catch them at the right time, so the only way you find out is by keeping in touch.Utility Warehouse Promotion

On this particular day, he was ‘open’. He spoke about his hunger to succeed, to make a true success of something that he could call his own. He spoke with love about his wife and twin girls, how he wanted to make them proud. He spoke as an entrepreneur who was not satisfied. Nothing had really worked before – he was getting by but not living.

I asked him lots of questions about him. We established we were similar ages, and that he wanted to travel a lot too but I don’t remember at what point I told him I was in Croatia!

Then, shortly after, he sent me a list of questions. Oh dear. All that stuff about hopes and dreams and success, and it was all hanging on kWh stuff, broadband speeds and landline contracts. I decided to stick true to my principles of helping people achieve their goals and financial freedom, and that this is the vehicle to do it with. No ifs and buts, this is the vehicle. Minutia about services can be learned and absorbed later, and do not play a key part in deciding ones financial future. So, having found my reply to him the other day, for most of the questions, I wrote: “NO IDEA SPECIFICALLY – THIS CAN BE FOUND ON (website was provided) AND IS COVERED ON THE INITIAL ONLINE TRAINING.” changing the URL to suit the question.

I did answer some of the questions where I knew the basic detail, but it was my view that I should make it clear that you don’t need to know everything to succeed and I needed him to know this up-front. Now, I don’t think you can just blank someone’s questions and not make it really clear why, so this is what I ended our email with:

Work From Home“Steve – I hope you don’t think I am being aloof by not answering these questions on services in full – but it should demonstrate that you don’t need to be an expert to do well at this business. People tend to buy the ‘concept’ and the ‘club’ aspect – single bill, top UK customer service, Which Mag cred, price promise, cashback on shopping etc etc, rather than the individual prices and details etc. The online application form does most of the work during the application process! So whilst I can’t necessarily tell you the kwh rate on gas for the East Midlands on Scottish regions, I can work with you to build a significant team and network and create the financial freedom and success you are looking for, for Crystal, the girls and for you!”

He got it, and he joined. Yes, it’s a risk but I don’t believe in acting one way to a prospect and then completely changing tact once we have their application.

My view was, if I had provided minutia detail to each of the questions which were frankly not going to give him his goals, then he wouldn’t have joined, as he would have kept looking for the catch, and the next bit of detail – as he needed to hear some belief from me that told him that I can help him achieve what he wants, even if I can’t reel off the energy prices.

I’m sure he won’t mind me using that example to help others see that sometimes you need to help lead your prospect to the result you want and they need, rather than be swayed by their distractions.

So what has followed since day in May 2013?

Steve Lewis has become a recognisable face, and a great networker both inside and outside the business. Many people miss the importance of networking within the business.

He had a good start, got qualified and onto all the trainings, and we spoke regularly. It’s lucky we did. The first 8 or so of the team members he introduced did absolutely nothing. Some of them should probably not have joined to start with but nevertheless, there was disappointment here. His lovely wife Crystal thought this was probably another of Steve’s fads and schemes, so whilst she encourages him, she wasn’t full of optimism for this thing working. Indeed when we had them on stage at MAD as new Flying Club members, Crystal agreed to come on stage but was not going to say anything. What then followed was memorable.

Steve was speaking, but then Crystal somehow grabbed the mic. I was backstage hoping that Rob Barras was going to rescue this as surely a disaster was about to ensue. What she then said blew everyone away! She explained how this was her first event – and she didn’t want to come because she had thought the business was silly and maybe a scam (or words to that effect) but what she had found was that this was one of the best things she had ever been to, and how positive and friendly everyone is, and how she hadn’t been fully supportive before, but will be moving forwards, and will work with Steve to help him! The audience loved it!Business Opportunity Utility Warehouse

Thereafter, Crystal has been a very supportive part of their journey. Other ‘disasters’ occurred along the way – which were ‘part of the journey’ as I would frequently explain. His best mate’s mum being annoyed about a mobile coverage issue on the campsite she was at, led to his mate quitting – well of course, that is a big enough reason to leave your hopes and dreams at the front door. Steve had customer challenges of his own too but why would you not achieve financial freedom just because of the odd technical or human issue? Oh and then there was the small matter of two of his star players going from being top performers to absolutely 1000000% non-existent. All of this could have led to them quitting. It didn’t.

But they kept on going. And going.

Fast forward to today. I’m proud to announce that Steve & Crystal Lewis have achieved Senior Team Leader!
An entirely lovely couple who are two of the nicest people I know. Business colleagues and now great friends. Kind, helpful, humble, hungry, honorable, honable. But they were a no-for-now. And now, they are heading for GL! Well done both of you, the achievement is yours and the team you are working with and harnessing – have a great weekend and enjoy your achievement, a great promotion for a Utility Warehouse Distributor Steve and Crystal well done.

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