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Record Distributor growth

What a phenomenal start to 2006 with record Career Opportunity Presentation (COP) attendances across the country, College of Excellence venues bulging at the seams, Blackberry training (& what an opportunity that is!), the npower announcement, major energy-only customer news and keep your eyes peeled this month for a major announcement that totally blows the roof off this network marketing business! This unique opportunity just goes from strength to strength.

Spring is always a time of opportunity, a time for renewed growth, a time for setting sail towards new horizons…and well done to all of us who are setting goals, taking action and driving things forward. I’m encouraged that over the last four weeks we have been over run with emails, phone calls, goal setting sessions and consistent news of renewed focus, energy and results. The tide has turned! Can you feel it?

And just one other quick thought…there are 60 million people in the UK – a significant percentage of them are broke and in debt – they pass you by every day. Could you find a handful who would welcome the opportunity to either save money or make money?

Network marketing/the Utility Warehouse offers such an easy business, why do some folk complicate it?

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