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Ruth Warlow

Registered Nurse Finds Financial Freedom

Ruth Warlow trained as a State Registered Nurse in the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford in the mid-seventies. After moving for work to South Africa she was offered a sales position in the healthcare sector. She visited hospitals all over the country with a range of new products to increase the quality of patient care. This took her to Soweto, Ga-Rankuwa and Baragwaneth hospitals as well other provincial hospitals and the private sector.

Ruth returned to the UK where she worked in Healthcare Sales Management for a number of years. In the 1990s, wanting to get out of the Rat Race and a punishing schedule, she left the healthcare industry and ran a number of small home businesses promoting natural plant and eco-friendly products. Ruth also trained as a fitness therapist and held classes in Body Conditioning and later, Yoga Therapy. She ran Mind Body Yoga in the Thames Valley for 10 years.

Ruth worked a few hours a week for a business colleague and friend in telemarketing, sales and PR and it was at this time she set up her Network Marketing Business with The Utility Warehouse Discount Club. She saw an opportunity where she could work flexibly , part time to build an income that would free her up in the future. She could see that the company had vison and she would be able to help people just like she had in most of her working career.

She worked her business alongside for six years and then committed to full time. Ruth is now a Group Leader, Trainer and Mentor, now has a group team of over 1000 distributors and is in the Top 1.5% of the Leaders in the company. She drives one of the company’s branded BMW Minis and has won international holidays, share options and other company awards. She has spoken and trained at company events and works closely with her growing team.

Ruth is based in the Thames Valley with her son Tom and lives life to the full. She enjoys keeping healthy, walking, skiing, photography and the outdoors. Her personal message is; “Just do it and do it now!”

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