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Residual Income Just Gets Better With The Utility Warehouse

The news of the changes to our service offerings with a very clear trio of bundles has really cheered me up! I think it’s a sign that our business is moving to another level. You only have to look at the Sky or Virgin websites to see how they make Money you can bank onthe consumer choice easier by bundling things up. So for me, these new announcements are a much simpler and cleaner choice for the customer.

“Which bundle suits you best?” seems easier to say than “Where would you like to start saving?” 

Give a customer too much choice and they have something to think about. Confuse them and they don’t make a decision. Give them three simple bundles to choose between and our chances of a signup are much improved. Imagine also sitting with a referral and dropping in: “of course, Dave and Sarah took our Double Gold bundle…” which gives social endorsement from someone they know, like and trust to help them towards doing the same. This will make a difference to our incomes too.

What we have come to know and love as ‘Gold Status’ has become the norm for so many people – well done! ‘Double Gold’ will become the ‘Gold Status’ norm moving forwards and that means households are using all five services (or four if they don’t have a gas supply) which will create even more loyal, long-term customers who are getting maximum benefits, receiving further discounts through using the CashBack card when out shopping and the Online Shopping via the Clubhouse.

This in turn means that the Company will be paying ever greater amounts of Residual Income to all of us.

To find out how you can receive a residual income why not get in touch

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