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Saving customers money

Wes Linden - less stress with Utility WarehouseI get a great buzz from saving a personal customer money, and then showing them how they can make some extra money by becoming a Distributor. This is something that attracts everyone in today’s unstable economic climate. I really enjoy watching new Distributors develop and become a Leader in their own right as they take control of their future.

Wes continued: It’s not long before many of my customers realise that the savings they’re enjoying are savings that everybody would want and that by helping others they could be helping themselves to a constantly growing income by becoming a Utility Warehouse Distributor.

Best news of all? We’d be delighted if you decide to join us as a Partner. The joining fee is £199.75 and this includes full training and a comprehensive range of materials to help you start to run your new business.

If you join us as a new partner and have a customer account it will only cost £100 to join.

And now if you join us as a new Partner and Member and have sign up with a recruiter voucher it will only cost £10 to join.

If you’re still thinking about it, just contact us and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.

We also have more than 30 venues across the UK running monthly Career Opportunity Presentations, again hosted by the top Leaders within the company, enabling our Distributors to take their prospects to a professionally run business presentation.

Wes is clearly delighted that he invested in the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) opportunity. I’ve always been interested in making money. I went to The John Lyon School in Harrow, got myself suspended and eventually became Deputy Head Boy – which was a first for the school! I achieved 6 GCSEs and two A-levels. I captained my local football team, but developed a serious weight problem, which had accelerated to 17 stone by the time I was 20. Network Marketing taught me that I could achieve whatever I wanted to by simply believing in myself and by setting goals. I lost five stone in two years and by the time I was 22 I was fit enough to referee football matches.

This article was written by Hugh Graham and originally published in Making Money Magazine.

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