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A recession proof business with The Utility Warehouse

Ed Ludbrook is one of Europe’s most listened to authorities and opinion leaders in the field of direct sales and network marketing. Over the years, he has written many insightful books on the subject and has consulted with many of the UK’s primary network marketing companies, as well as being a sought after and authorative international speaker and disccues how all about a recession proof business with The Utility Warehouse.

In the April 2009 edition of Making Money magazine (along with a four page feature article on The Utility Warehouse) is an excellent article by Ed Ludbrook that discusses exactly why the current recession is serving our business sector so well and why he has been predicting and waiting for this recession since 2003.

Recessions are terrible for most industries yet are often positive for Direct Sales and Network Marketing. The number of people who either need or would consider an alternative source of income skyrockets.

The people willing to attend business opportunity seminars booms and the concerns people have over their finances to save money explodes. Yes, it is true that recessions are the perfect time to join and build network marketing business. Why not find out more

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