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From senior corporate success!

Another high-level Independent Distributor promotion and success story this week from the Utility Warehouse Network:  Shannon and Peter, who joined the Utility Warehouse business from a corporate background of highly-prestigious senior positions. Interestingly, this is yet another example of a rising tide of highly paid professionals who are increasingly attracted to the potential financial and lifestyle benefits of attaining success in network marketing and specifically, with the Utility Warehouse.

Massive congratulations to Shannon and Peter on this very well deserved promotion to Independent Marketing Director and who have been recognised for their willingness to embrace the system, to not reinvent the wheel and for going with the ‘one big Utility Warehouse team’ ethic and every aspect of network marketing, warts an’ all.

Wes Linden commented, “With more and more people from senior corporate backgrounds and larger organisations getting involved with the Utility Warehouse now, Shannon and Peter’s willingness to fit in and work with the system, as opposed to against it, is highlighted in even greater fashion now compared to some of the attitudes we are seeing from time to time from some new starters. Mix that humility with and a total embracement of the concept of rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty, this brought about a lethal combination. Never losing that air of professionalism that made them so successful in their previous careers, this aided their methodical trip to Independent Marketing Director. For as long as I’ve known them, they’ve had wall charts and whiteboards with every move plotted, every gap highlighted and every follow-up planned.”

Well done Shannon & Peter, both on your promotion and for providing yet further evidence of what can be achieved by those willing to roll up their sleeves and stay the course.

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