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Wes Linden

Sticking To What Works

I would like to start by saying thank you for the support and lovely messages, cards and calls I received from all ends of the UK following my promotion to National Network Leader. It really shows what a special community we have here.

I started with this business 17 years ago; a 20-year-old with no qualifications, no money, no contacts, no job, no car and no network marketing experience. I wasn’t ‘in at the beginning’ so, I hope I’ve proved that you can get to wherever you want to go in this business irrespective of where you start.

The warm reaction I got from you, my colleagues and friends, irrespective of which sponsorship line you are in, proved to me how special our community is. This was compounded by how awe-struck network marketers from around the world were about the positive spirit they could see within the UW family on the MLM Caribbean cruise, from which I have just returned. More than 70 Partners decided to come along on this, the 25th annual cruise for our profession, joining a few hundred others from around the world.

Big earners with many years’ experience from other networks were deeply impressed and astounded at how well we all worked and played together during the week, and our group was told by one of these leaders that he was struggling to think of a better community spirit in any other company in the world.

One of the other highlights for those from Team UW, was the dawning as to how powerful our service-based residual income business is, compared to how some networkers have to work to maintain their income, and also how incredibly strong our training programme is. We took pride in the realisation that we can build a very strong business, and get to the top of UW, without being seduced into thinking that there’s a magic pill we can take if we go outside of the free courses offered by NHQ. The only training that is essential for us to build our business, is that which is company-led by those who know our business best.

As UW becomes more brand conscious – essential for a business of our size – we all need to consider our own personal brands too, both when we speak to customers, and Partners. Are we showing customers our Discount Club because we are passionate about helping people get better Service, Savings and Simplicity, or are we just hoping they’ll take one service so we get another customer?

Are we introducing Partners to help them change their lives, or because we see pound signs? Are we supporting our team with discernment, or are we making up some random script, flyer, Facebook wording or being seduced by marketing spin from external ‘credentialists’ and then feeding that into our team and diverting them away from the proven company system which the likes of Jimmy Chapman, Robin & Cal Brooks, Fran Boorman, Joga Shoker, Tracey & Jason Yearwood, Lisa Ware and Gary Whittaker give so much credit to? If we keep it simple and stick to the proven basics, we will never go far wrong!

To find out more about how you can get involved why not get in touch.

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