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Be system driven it works

Be System Driven It Works

Imagine you started your Utility Warehouse business because ultimately, you want freedom, not another job.

So the only way to achieve true time freedom lies in the fact that the business Be system driven it worksmust be built to rely on a system, and not YOU, yes Be System Driven It Works. You must, like our company has done, adopt a ‘system driven’ philosophy.

Everything you do must be scalable, meaning it can be copied and duplicated by the masses. This is what will allow your team to grow, and for you to have true walk away residual income! So what is in place to help you achieve this?

Firstly we have the finest training in the UK available online and then in the classrooms for all your new team members. Many millions of pounds are invested every year by Head Office, striving to deliver the best training possible by our trainers across the country, where the content is defined at the outset, (a system) and the trainers add their character.

It’s the same in COPs. Then we have, to name a few: Win-A-Mini events, neighbour letters, and our weekly conference call. Now to add to our systems we have the latest exciting developments with the Terry Wogan film and the animated ‘How the Money Works’ video. This is truly a massive breakthrough as now everyone can show / make a presentation and it will be identical. Product and opportunity knowledge is all but diminished, to its lowest level, which means anyone can now get customers and Partners if they just learn to follow the system.

After 17 years with this great company, it is encouraging to look back at the basic systems we had in place in the early days, and exciting to realise how far we have come with all the fantastic new systems we have in place today. I would strongly encourage everyone to just follow the system. Sometimes you have to deskill your knowledge. What duplicates is action in the system, not your knowledge. It’s all very well knowing the systems, and what buttons to press, however you still have to make the appointments, get the referrals, and get in front of people. The system just makes it easier.

To find out more about how you can get involved just fill in our simple online contact form and we will be in-touch.

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