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Why attend Express Day?

For anyone embarking on a serious career in network marketing, be that the Utility Warehouse, or any other network, it is vital to recognise, understand and act on the direct financial correlation that exists between attending major conferences (such as ...

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£10m Distributor pay-out

Carpe Diem…Seize the day “Every moment is an opportunity for those who are ready to seize it” Sunday 16th September (Express Day 2006) was the day, a day to seize, a day that changed many people’s perception of the Utility ...

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First ever Massive Action Day

Sunday 21st May 2006 saw Telecom plus host its first ever Massive Action Day (MAD). 750 self-employed Independent Utility Warehouse Distributors laid siege on Birmingham’s Centennial Centre for a day of motivation and celebration, led by several of the Company’s ...

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