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Mike And Jayne Evans

Taxi driver and dinner lady turn things around with Utility Warehouse

So it was back in 1999 and I came into contact with a really nice couple. He was a taxi driver and she worked in the school canteen. They wanted better and were prepared to work to get it.

I left the application form with them as they were keen to discuss the business together before committing. In the olden days, there were two sign-up options – £200 to be a Distributor or for £50 you could basically just introduce customers. That second option was just a cheap way of people saying no, and it wasn’t an effective or popular position amongst the leaders. I had been clear with this couple that the only option was the £200 box.Mike And Jayne Evans

They posted the form back to me and I noticed they had ticked the £50 box. So I looked at the form for a while and decided to risk losing them all together by calling them and reminding them of all their goals and visions that they had told me, politely, and then let them know that this would not be achieved unless they were a £200 distributor (which is the equivalent to what is the £100 sign up today).

Thankfully they listened, discussed, and agreed.

Mike and Jayne Evans have since worked the business at their pace, and made friends with everyone they meet. They are kind, sincere and generous with their time. They are genuinely happy for everyone else’s success. Always positive and with a bouncebackability that means they don’t get perturbed by the people that aren’t ready to play.

I will add though, and they won’t mind me saying…. Thanks to the business they were able to give up their work and pursued property development and rentals, with some success. There was a time where they didn’t give too much attention to the business, but we would still keep in touch and chat every couple of months. When the time was right, this approach made it easy for them to come back into the fold versus the ‘ostracise them’ approach.

They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I am honoured to call them friends. And today, I am proud to announce their promotion to Senior Group Leader and totally delighted that they have come on this journey and been such a big part of my personal adventure so far.

how_i_found_the_business_opportunity_with_the_utility_warehouseTotally committed to their team – always running team parties and socials prior to events and in the times between. Just a few months ago they Facetimed me from a canal boat where they were enjoying a day with their team! Why? Well, why not?!

Those of you that know them will be as thrilled for them as I am. Genuinely nice people who deserve their success. Entirely super people who have been able to leverage this business to provide their family, which is their absolute driver, with time and security. Well done guys, you deserve it!

To find out how you can make a change, why not get in touch.

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