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Telecom plus powers on (Mail on Sunday)

How fantastic to open your Sunday paper to find yet another glowing article about Telecom plus! Pre-tax profits up 55% to £9.8 million…dividend up from 4p to 5p…net cash of £29 million…brokers suggesting that profits will rise almost 40% to £23.5 million this financial year and that customer numbers are expected to double by 2010…and all this at a time when the economy is challenged by one of the deepest recessions that the country has ever seen!

This article also references a Company sponsored customer satisfaction survey where 94% of Utility Warehouse customers surveyed said they would recommend the Company and its services. And the icing on the cake – share prices up 14% from £3.15 to £3.59 at a time when very little on the stock market is showing positive growth.

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