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It’s a Mini Adventure

Alongside a rewarding compensation plan, established Utility Warehouse Distributors have the opportunity to qualify for the Company’s  Car Plan. The Utility Warehouse Distributor Car Plan is heavily subsidised by the Company, allowing active Distributors to own a brand new car (currently a BMW Mini One) for £50 or less per month. Those who qualify for this benefit will be Distributors who have attained at least Senior Executive status within the Company’s promotional structure. They will have gathered a minimum of 75 personal customers (who must be active) and will be earning a consistent minimum commission every month. At the time of writing this article, around 50 Utility Warehouse Independent Distributors are enjoying the benefits of the Company’s BMW Mini car plan and just this month a further two Distributors were presented with their own BMW Mini One by Executive Services Director, Wayne Coupland.

Earlier this month, Independent Executive Directors Andy & Imi Fagg became the latest proud owners of their very own Utility Warehouse MINI One today, driving all the way to Head Office to ensure they had it available for use at events over the Bank Holiday weekend. Andy & Imi also qualified (along with 198 other Distributors and their partners) for a luxury six star cruise with Silver Sea’s, aboard The Silver Whisper, returning sun tanned and happy just a few days ago. Executive Services Director Wayne Coupland presented Andy & Imi with the keys to their new car.

This month’s second Utility Warehouse Mini adventure went to Independent Executive Director Peter Cliffe, who also travelled to Head Office, where Executive Services Director Wayne Coupland presented Peter with the keys to his new car.

Along with this Car Plan, Telecom plus Independent Distributors have a unique opportunity to build a substantial regular monthly income by helping people save money on their household utility bills.

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