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Tipping point to Olympic success

Twenty six major announcements and my head is still spinning. What an awesome Express Day in every respect and as Commercial Director, Andrew Lindsay said when he shared with us his passion for this vibrant organization…we are at ‘tipping point’ – that critical time in a Company’s history where a combination of circumstances combine to give unparalleled growth, and opportunity like never before for all Utility Warehouse Distributors. The savings offered by the Company’s services have never been more attractive. The residual income available as a distributor has never been more compelling. Economic factors have never been more in our favour and there has never been a better time to be a Utility Warehouse Distributor.

Already on the crest of a wave, with record growth and record residual income for the Network…Charles Wigoder shared yet another spread of transformational announcements that could well see this Company double in size over the next few years and as Andrew alluded to, as the UK hosts ‘the’ opening ceremony in 2012, could we be celebrating our own Olympic achievements?

Big Al put it very well with his word sequence – “There are two types of Distributor in Telecom plus. Those who seize the opportunity and those who don’t”. As an Olympic Gold Medalist himself, it is so true what Andrew shared, that the winners are not Gods, nor ‘the incredibles’ and that they are, in common with this Company’s top Distributors, just normal people, but ones with relentless commitment, total self-belief and consistent focus. And when we as Distributors reach for our goals in our own personal ‘Olympic’ race the difference between success and failure will be small. It starts now and lies within the seemingly insignificant choices that we make each day…that one extra phone call, that one extra DVD delivered, that one additional text message sent, a training event or COP attended or that one critical call made upline to ask for help.

To our Olympic success!

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