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Utility Warehouse Tablet

Tools To Help You Build Your Business

They Will Give You The Tools

At the Utility Warehouse you can be sure that you will be given all the tools and support to help you become a success, plus all the free Training also

One of the companies popular tool, is the company tablet which really has helped so many get off to a flying start these are subject to a small charge of £10 per month which no long term commitment after the first three months, you can find out more about this by getting in touch, you have have you own IPAD or tablet thats ok you can use our tools on that so don’t worry.

What Is The Tablet

The tablet is a 10.1″ samsung galaxy which comes in a Utility Warehouse branded case and even comes with a cool wireless bluetooth keyboard, it really does look the part. The tablet works just like a normal samsung galaxy tab so you can also use this to browse the internet and use other programs to help you build your business. The Utility Warehouse have also made their own program called the Business Builder App which has everything you need to help you sign up both customers and distributors.

What Is The Business Builder App

This is a piece of software which has been developed by The Utility Warehouse. It really does have everything you need to help you with your business, here are some of the highlights.

1. The Sir Terry Wogan video – A short video which explains all about what the Utility Warehouse is and what if can offer the customer.

2. The How The Money Works presentation – This is a short animated video which explains the business opportunity to those who are also interested in earning an extra income just like you are.

3. Various Manuals – The business builder app also has lots of other information such as the compensation plan, terms and conditions plus so much more.

4. The Cash Back card challenge – This is a specially designed form which allows you to work out the approximate spend your customer may get when they switch to The Utility Warehouse and use the cash back card.

5. Win a Mini Entry Digital Entry Form – The company give away a free mini or £10,000 once a year to people who enter the free prize draw, this is used to help you build up a contact list and really is a great conversation starter to help you get that next appointment.

 What Do I Have To Do Now!

So if your impressed with this company tool and understand how the company and this tool will help you build you business why not get in touch and we can show you how you get get involved to earn and extra income with this fantastic home based business.

Just fill in the simple Online Contact Form and I will be in touch.

Utility Warehouse Tablet

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