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A Utility Warehouse Distributor who is a valuable part of our team

A Utility Warehouse distributor who is a valuable part of our team, called Hannah Davies, shares this story about her recent example of the customer service experience she provides!

“So this is how my appointment went last night went… a Utility Warehouse customer of mine referred a lady who lives near to me and we agreed to meet back at my original customers house. Referrals are pretty normal when people have been a Utility Warehouse customer for a while!

My husband parked our car on the drive and with that we heard a dog get hit by a car – not ours… I went to look as I could hear a woman screaming, it was my customers dog!

So with that I got her in the house, attempted to calm her down – and thankfully the dog looked remarkably well. Sent customer off in the car with my husband and the dog to the vet.

I stayed to look after the ladies son who was crying, I had my 10 week old baby with me (baby had nappy that required a full change of clothes during this time too!) and the referral with me!

But it all ended well… Dog is fine and the referral became a customer with a Utility Warehouse Gold Energy bundle over £600 a year!!!!!

Oh and my customer is going to join as a Utility Warehouse distributor too!

I wonder if they’d get that type if service from the other utility companies?!”  all I can say is what a fantastic company and what a great Business Opportunity

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