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How Utility Warehouse distributors can offer a better service

How Utility Warehouse distributors can offer a better service

If you’re considering a network marketing business opportunity and the thought of joining the Utility Warehouse as a distributor to work from home appeals to you, one thing you may be considering is what the customer service is like, did you know Utility Warehouse distributors can offer a better service also.

The Utility Warehouse has had many independent accolades and awards, but if you’re like me, stories can make everything more real, and this one really struck a chord with me, written by a new distributor called Mark:

“Feel good story of the day…I recently introduced my third customer, Marco who has been a dear friend for many years now and in fact recently paid for a weekend back in my native London, when I was on half-pay due to injury which meant that I couldn’t raise the coffers for an old pals get together.

Anyway, today I noticed that Marco needed to get his code to allow him to transfer his mobile number to Utility Warehouse – and when I called him he seemed a bit agitated. He had misunderstood something he had read about energy pricing, though I couldn’t quite get to the bottom of what, and I was upset that he may be upset with me.

I rang Customer Services and I actually found it difficult to speak properly as I was disappointed that my good friend may be upset with me. After several attempts I managed to explain the situation and was assured that there was no issue and given the correct information to share with Marco.

So I rang Marco back, repeated what I had been told but still left the whole matter feeling unresolved. I then had to go out,
About an hour later I got a voice mail from someone called Howard at Utility Warehouse Customer Services whom I’d spoken to earlier when I called.

He said he was worried about me and therefore had called Marco himself to take him through everything and ensure he understood how he would save money with his energy services with Utility Warehouse.

He said that Marco had finished the call very happy! But this isn’t all. About half an hour later I got a call from Marco telling me about the call from Howard, and how reassuring it had been and how he was excited to become a Utility Warehouse customer with all utilities on one bill and no more paper mountains to wade through!

He now also wants to become a distributor because he can see what a great company it is to be partnered with. I’m finding out who this Howard chap is to get him nominated for an award. I’ve never ever known customer service like it. What a great company.”
So if you’re looking at building an income from home, it’ll be a good idea to find a network marketing business who will exceed your expectations!

To find out more or get your questions answered, click on the link below.
How Utility Warehouse distributors can offer a better service

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